10 Seconds Motion Control Insoles Review: Cushioned Shoe Insert Support

Cushion Insoles come in many styles consisting of foam, gel, and even air chambers. Every insole manufacturer has a different trademark style that delineates their insoles from the pack. 10 Seconds Insoles for athletic, casual, and dress shoes specific trademark is the 10 Seconds version of a raised metatarsal pad.

The 10 Seconds 3210 Motion Control Insoles are a cushion insole with the metatarsal cushioned arch. I have to admit that these 10 Seconds shoe insoles are like no other I've worn. As with every Shoe Insole Review I write at TheInsoleStore.com, I use the Inserts in a Leather Casual Shoe that tends to be smaller (and tight) so that I can more accurately get a feel for how the insoles will fit in any shoe.

Quite frankly, I was surprised with the 10 Seconds Motion Control Insoles as they appear thick. In all actuality, the insoles do not make my feet tight in the shoe as the cushion acts like a more dense memory foam that absorbs and shapes to my foot for a custom cushion fit.

The Trademark Metatarsal Pad is what threw me for a loop. First off, I have no foot conditions that require support or correction. The Metatarsal pad goes right under the middle of one's foot arch for arch support. As a neutral arched foot, I could feel it touching the bottoms of my foot arch and it is something I was not initially used to. It is this metatarsal pad and motion control heel/arch support that makes the shoe. You see that cushioned arch pad makes all the difference in the world for providing all day long lasting cushion that relieves foot pain from the day to day stresses of life while the v shaped motion control support platform (that is not stiff at all) provides support from one's ankle turning inward or outward (pronation and supination).

The 10 Seconds 3210 Motion Control Inserts are recommended for low, neutral, and high arched feet and are certainly appropriate for athletic, casual, and dress shoes. If you're seeking a superior cushioned insole for foot pain relief from running, standing on your feet all day, and/or foot pain conditions, I would certainly recommend these insoles for those seeking foot pain relief and support from a cushion insole.

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