10 Seconds Stability Insoles Review: Cushioned Orthotic Arch Support

10 Seconds Insoles offer a great selection of both cushioned and orthotic arch supports that are ideal for athletic and casual shoes. The 10 Seconds Insoles are a popular choice for Adidas, Converse, Nike, Reebok (and more) athletic shoes. For the past two weeks, I have worn the 10 Seconds Arch Stability Insoles and have been quite surprised by both its orthotic qualities and cushioning comfort too.

The 10 Seconds 3720 Arch Stability Insoles offers an orthotic arch support coupled with a cushion padded top coat for superior shock absorption. The heel to arch rigid orthotic support is a one piece graphite orthotic that is ideal for flat feet, low arches, and neutral arched feet too. The solid one piece full length Poron padding offers superior cushion that far excels most competitors in the orthotic arch support market. The top-coat fabric, padding, and orthotic arch have air holes built into the arch to support breathability and air flow for cooling. My feet never over-heated nor felt cold when our temperature hit in the 40s (without socks). For those whom are new to wearing an orthotic or whom find discomfort in rigid orthotics, I would certainly recommend the 10 Seconds Stability Insoles. I was surprised as typically with a one piece solid orthotic arch, one finds that the orthotic is a bit stiff and harsh to a the foot especially as ones foot tendons and muscles adjust to the new positioning.

Surprisingly, the 10 Seconds 3720 Arch Stability Insoles are a relatively low volume insole that is ideal for tight shoes. New Balance is able to achieve a minimalist orthotic arch support with superior cushioning padding with the use of a poron cushion. For this Insole Review, I have worn the arch supports in my Jack Purcells Converse shoes; although there would be no problem fitting the insoles in my leather casual shoes either. Anyone familiar with these shoes understands that there is not a lot of room. The Men's size 9 Insoles fit perfectly in my Mens size 9 shoe; however, are trim-able for a custom fit.

Having a neutral arched foot I found that the arch support was able to handle the high end of the spectrum of foot arch types (as its rated for flat foot to neutral). For over-pronators, the 10 Seconds Arch Stability Insoles are ideal. I found the insoles held my foot in place at the heel and arch by slowing the rotating motion of overturning my ankle inward and that the arch support allowed for proper arch collapsed but did not allow over collapsing. I found that the heel cup coupled with the padding provided more than adequate heel support from the shock and weight of ones body that gets concentrated during ones natural stepping, stride, and/or gait.

I would say that the Arch Stability Insoles are ideal for athletic, casual, and dress shoes. Ideal for everyday use, sports, and even standing on ones feet all day, these orthotic arch supports offer a great option for treating arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Flat feet, over-pronation, collapsed arches and more. If your looking for a rigid orthotic arch support and need cushioning for sensitive and sore feet, the 10 Seconds 3720 Arch Stability Insoles, will be worth your time.

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