4 Reasons for Foot Pain and What to Do For Foot Pain Relief

If you have foot pain, all you want is foot pain relief. Nothing else looks appealing to you. All your deepest desires of your heart are only momentarily pleasurable when you have foot pain.

Let's look at the reasons why you get foot pain in the first place.

  1. Bad shoes
  2. Walking around barefoot too much
  3. Improper orthotics
  4. Genetic disorder or disease
  5. Bad Shoes

    Just like theres good cholesterol and bad, there are good shoes and bad shoes. Good shoes support your feet and make you feel as if your feet arent important during the day, or noticeable. This is because when any part of the body is operating correctly, it is quiet.

    Bad shoes make you notice your feet because you have foot pain. Bad shoes dont support your feet, either in their construction or in the insoles provided with them. Shoes may be constructed well on the outside but if the inside insole is poor, then youll be searching for foot pain relief. On the other hand, shoes may be constructed poorly and even if you add well-designed Orthotic inserts, it may not be enough to neutralize the poor construction of the shoes. One example of this is shoes that are too tight and pointy. Even the best Orthotic wont overcome this design flaw in the shoe.

    The answer here of course is to buy the best shoes you can get and then replace the insole with one that matches your feet.

    Walking Around Barefoot Too Much

    You might think that its good to go natural as much as possible, and if so, certainly there is some truth to this BUT walking around barefoot is not the solution to not having shoes. If your feet are not perfect, walking barefoot will accentuate any and all flaws and be the spark for developing foot disorders.

    This very thing happened to one of my friends and its very common. She was spending more time at home and decided that socks were enough to satisfy her feet. A few months later, she developed Achilles tendonitis and must have tried a half dozen foot pain relief methods, all which helped a bit but not enough. Because she continued to walk barefoot and aggravate the condition, it took over a year and a half to heal.

    Improper Orthotics

    Orthotics are a good thing, and theyll help provide foot pain relief. In some cases, the foot pain is immediate, such as someone who may have a hammertoe caused by squeezing toes into tight shoes. A ¾ length Orthotic would help lessen the tendency for the toe to rub against the shoe, and thus offer immediate foot pain relief.

    However, you have to know your foots needs to make sure you have the right Orthotic. Your podiatrist can help you with this and give you a prescription for an Orthotic, and now many of the prescriptions may be picked up at TheInsoleStore.com More and more podiatrists are following the lead of the American Podiatric Medical Association, who recommends different brands of orthotics already on the market. They have agreed that foot pain relief occurs when the foot is properly aligned and this is what the orthotics will do; properly align the foot bones.

    Genetic Disorder or Disease

    Diabetes and neurological disorders can play havoc with the feet and cause foot pain. In these cases, foot pain relief comes from medical treatment which often includes orthotics. For example, those with neurological disorders could develop a high arch in their foot as a result of the disorder. High arch feet are best supported with orthotics made for them as the height of the arch varies among the types of arches.

    Foot pain relief is always possible. In most cases, it starts with orthotics.

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