A Leather Insole is Not A Mere Dream Anymore, They're Here!

So youre tired of the average insole that has nothing but man-made materials, right? Sick of the foam and the other fake materials?

Well, fear not because you can find a leather insole now; in fact, you can find several different companies that are making them.

Heres the difference between them:

  • Pedag leather Insoles- These have a 100% leather top coat and the bottom has activated carbon. This is great if your feet tend to develop odors throughout the day. With this Pedag leather insoles, you can expect to take off your shoes in front of others unashamedly. These are great for boat shoes (Sperry shoes) but dont forget to save a pair for casual and dress shoes. Made in Germany.
  • Birkenstock Leather Insoles- constructed not from 100% leather, but the leather lined top coat is 100% over cork. This one is natural cork that absorbs the shock of walking with a moleskin bottom. Birkenstock is famous for its high flanges that make sure your foot isnt moving out of perfect alignment. This leather insole has arch support, metatarsal support and deep heel cup. You can wash it, too. People comment on how long-lasting this leather insole is.

Leather insoles are awesome. Make one of your next pairs of insoles a leather insole for your athletic, casual or dress shoes today. Check out the Best Leather Insoles at TheInsoleStore.com. Then compare it to what you are already using.

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