Apara Inserts Cushion the Walk of Women in High Heels

Apart from Apara Slingies, Apara Gel Arch Appeal, and Apara Gel Heel Appeal that are perfect Apara inserts for women who love their high heels, there are others that can make the difference between foot pain and foot freedom.

Check out these Apara Insoles and Inserts today:

Apara Gel Soft Spots

These Apara inserts are the type of thing you always want to have in your purse. Apara Gel Soft Spots are for those times when suddenly out of nowhere, you have a pain in your foot, or a blister. You need something to put inside the shoe to cushion the area to lessen the foot pain. The Apara Gel Soft Spots are a peel-off insert that comes along with five other Apara Gel Soft Spots for five other occasions.

Apara Perfect Comfort Insoles

These Apara inserts are ¾ length and will fit into not only high heels, but also boots and casual shoes. If your husband wears the same size shoes as you do, they will even fit in some of his shoes or boots. Made of 100% silicone gel, these make your feet feel cool and most important from burning pain. The cushioning in the heel and arch helps relieve foot pain in those areas. The Apara Perfect Comfort Insoles are tapered and offer luxurious cushioning. Theres an anti-friction foam top cover that keeps your feet from slipping.

Apara Gel Steppies

If you hate the feeling that every step you take feels as if theres no protection for the ball of your feet, this is the one for you. The Apara Gel Steppies are specifically made for the purpose of cushioning the ball of your feet. Made from 100% clear silicone gel, they are invisible so you dont have to worry about anyone seeing them in your shoes.

Don't let high heels get you down by the foot pain they cause. Get Apara Inserts for your high heels and feel the difference! Shop now at TheInsoleStore.com!

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