Apara Perfect Comfort Insoles: Womens Slender Fitting Cushion Foot Pain Relief

TheInsoleStore.com has added the all new Apara Perfect Comfort Insoles to their line up of Women's Specialty Insoles.

The Apara Perfect Comfort Insole is a 3/4-Length Cushion Insole ideally used for Women's Casual, Dress Shoes, and Boots. Providing cushion and support in the heel, arch and metatarsal (forefoot) region.

Tyler McCracken, President, states, "We are pleased to have the Apara Perfect Comfort Insoles available as they offer an insole alternative for the lady seeking cushion arch support for shoes, heels, and boots. This is a great product that offsets our Powerstep SlenderFit Insoles for Ladies that provides a semi-rigid orthotic arch."

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