Arch Pain-Strain on the Foot & A Proper Orthotic Arch Support Insole

Nothing is worse then the feeling of pain right on the arch of your foot. Some people go through daily life living with the never ending dull to moderate pain; unless it becomes unbearable. Often arch pain (also referred to as arch strain) is best described as an inflammation and/or burning sensation at the arch of the foot. Most of the common issues of the arch pain in your feet can be resolved with a proper fitting shoe and good orthotic arch support shoe insole.

Plantar Faciitis is the most common source of this foot pain. Excessive stretching of the plantar fascia (broad band of fibrous tissues located along the bottom of your foot from the heel to the forefoot -just behind the toes) usually creates plantar fasciitis. When the plantar fascia are stretched away from the heel, inflammation and pain occur between the heel and arch. The pain is most pronounced either first thing in the morning and/or after long periods of rest. Plantar Faciitis is most common among people whose feet over-pronate or more commonly known as having "Flat-Feet."

Heel spur may develop if this condition is left untreated -also known as a bony protrusion. It is imperative that one treat the condition promptly before the condition deteriorates.

Treatment and Prevention

This is a common foot condition that can be easily treated. Wear footwear with a reasonable heel, soft leather uppers, shock absorbing soles and removable foot insoles. When the arch pain is pronation related (flat feet), an orthotic designed insert with a medial heel post and proper arch support is recommended for treating the pain. This type of orthotic will control over-pronation, support the arch and provide the necessary relief. Avoid high-heeled shoes.

If the problem persists, consult your foot doctor

There are many types of orthotic arch support insoles that we offer for the addressing of arch pain and/or plantar faciities; however, we would like to highlight the following:

A good quality arch inserts that are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association will provide the proper alignment and support for your heel, arch, and foot. One needs more than cushioning to address the arch pain. An orthotic arch support will help align the foot in the proper neutral position which will push the stress and strain of weight and shock (from movement) appropriately. This will not only reduce arch pain but potentially ankle, knee, hip, and skeletal pain too.

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