Are Orthaheel Orthotics Only for Those with Heel Problems?

When you read or hear the name Orthaheel, you may think to yourself, well, that orthotic can only be for those who have heel problems. And since I don't, they're not for me.

This type of thinking may or may not be entirely correct. The Orthaheel company has certainly done their fair share of research on the heel and what happens as we walk.

Some of the research out there on the heel is truly amazing and beyond what most people could even conceive. For example, scientists in Taiwan at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital did an entire research study on the biomechanics of the heel pad for Type 2 Diabetics.

They designed their study to put stress on the heel and used an electron microscope to test what was happening to the heels of amputated legs of both diabetics and non-diabetics. They found specific differences in the heels of those who were diabetics “ the collagen protein fibers in the heels of the diabetics were breaking down from walking. They decided to use this discovery and integrate it into the creation of their next line of orthotics.

The research was published back in 2002 in the journal Clinical Biomechanics (Bristol, Avon).

This is just one example of how scientists are changing the world and comfort of your feet by the work they do. And it tells you that orthotics are a complicated topic and not just some piece of foam that fits into your shoes.

Orthaheel is right on track to create orthotics based on the science thats already out there on heels. But they also incorporate the latest technology based on the rest of the foot. For example, in their Orthaheel Relief Orthotic Insoles, theres a deep heel cup that insures the foot stays in alignment. Theres forefoot padding so your foot can absorb the impact from the steps you take.

The Orthaheel Orthotic Insoles are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association for those who have pain in the ankle, foot, heel, leg and low back.

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