Children's Shoe Insoles and Arch Supports -from Toddler to Teenager

When we feel discomfort or outright foot pain, we have the ability to seek out advice (whether from our physician or podiatrist); however, children often go unheard, are overlooked due to miscommunication, or outright dismissed as "growing pains". Did you realize that toddlers (or kids) feet do not fully develop the foot muscles and full arch until they reach the age of 3-4? Why not start early with an orthopedic shoe insole aand arch support that will help the body form the proper arch function and support needed throughout a kids active life. provides a diverse line of Children's shoe insoles and arch supports for all toddlers, youth, junior sizes and on up through teenager and young adult-hood from the following manufacturer's:

  • Arch Angels Children's Comfort Insoles
  • Birkenstock Birko Balance Insoles for Kids
  • KidZerts Children's Arch Support Insoles
  • Pedag Bambini Childrens Leather Insoles
  • Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles

Arch Angels Children's Arch Supports were specifically made for young kids ages 2 through 8. They are a 3/4 length shoe insole designed to fit most enclosed shoes. You may notice that young children tend to stumble, trip, tire easy, and/or complain of sore feet (by asking to be carried). Remember that a child's foot is flat until the feet muscles and foot arch fully developed around age 3 or 4. Sure this in a natural part of growing up; however, why not provide the support to improve proper development. These insoles were specifically created (by a mother and two podiatrists) to focus on providing the shock absorption and arch support children need as they develop and grow. The Pedag Bambini shoe insert is a firm leather 3/4 length insole while the Spenco Kids shoe insoles are a softer support cushion insoles, or the Birkenstock BirkoBalance Children's Insoles are 100% waterproof.

Superfeet has expanded their line of Superfeet Blue Orthotic Insoles to compliment the toddler to youth shoe insole lines. The Superfeet inserts cover junior sizes 11.5 to 4 (into men's & women's sizes). As your 6-8 year old develops into their teenager (years) and young adult-hood, these inserts will handle most needs and sizes. They are a full-length shoe insole for casual wear to full performance sport activities that provides:

  • Rear and Mid-foot control for over-pronation and increased foot balance
  • Low-profile heel cup and shock-absorption foam forefront ideal for tighter fitting shoes
  • High Impact Foundation Foam that repels water absorption
  • Agion antimicrobial friction control top liner that inhibits bacterial growth and foot odor

Providing an orthopedic arch support for a toddler's flat foot will certainly help support the heel and arch to gently enhance the anatomically correct positioning of the developing tendons and bones in the foot. Not to mention provide comfort and support natural function as children develop a natural gait (walk), participate in sports, or do what kids do.

Whether your looking to provide a proper foundation for your active teenager or help promote the proper development of your toddlers foot, provides a well rounded line of shoe insoles for your children. Come check out the Best Children's Shoe Insoles today!

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