"Clearly" a Fan of Clearly Adjustable Heel LIfts

"Day 5 with my Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts! I tried these out with much reluctance and now will wear them as I wear my "undies", WITH EVERYTHING! They come in layers, each a millimeter thick, so I had a girlfriend help me measure my inseam, as one leg was just under a half inch shorter than the other. I started with 3 layers (equates to 3 millimeters). I have since learned that depending on the shoe I need to go back and forth between 3 or 4. I was surprised how quickly they molded to my foot, even when transferring them from one pair of shoes to another, I only "felt" them for a few minutes (less than 15 minutes for sure).


The Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts are made with a clear durable vinyl that molds to your foot and shoe for added comfort while provide long lasting stability. Layers allow lift from 1 to 12 mm (just under 1 inch). Check them out today, at TheInsoleStore.com!

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