Currex RunPro Insoles Are Great Running Insoles! –

Currex RunPro Insoles Are Great Running Insoles!

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"I have professional orthotics as my arches often hurt after walking in regular shoes for 30 minutes. I wanted to get a shoe insert for my running shoes so that I didn't have to keep taking my orthotics in and out of all of my shoes, which was chewing them up pretty badly.
After reading the description, I decided to go with these Currex Runpro's- and I am GLAD that I did. These Currex RunPro Insoles are very comfortable in my running shoes! I do have to say that I am not a distance runner - most of my cardio at the gym involves interval sprints (running at 90% of all out effort for 30 seconds, then walking for 90 seconds - repeating), so I can't tell you how these are for mileage - but for sprints on the treadmill and jumping rope, these are VERY comfy!"


The Currex RunPro Insoles are available for arch specific heights, Low, Neutral, and High Arch Foot Styles. Find your perfect insoles today, at!

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