Cushion Shoe Insoles: What Insoles are Best for me?

Cushioned Insoles are a popular alternative for reducing the stress and strains of foot pain without orthotically adjusting the bio-mechanical structure of the foot. As our feet take the daily pounding of our weight, strains, bruises, and just the repetativeness that wears us down not only physically but mentally too, insoles with extra cushioning are the answer. I find that a good cushioned shoe insole is a good solution to not only improving my physical well being but my mental too.

There are generally two camps of thought in the World of Cushioned Insoles. Those seeking a flat cushion insole and those seeking a cushioned insole with extra arch support (that is typically cushion too). If one has foot issues that require additional support to assist with such things as collapsed arches and plantar fasciitis an orthotic arch support maybe a better solution.

For our cushioned shoe insole customers, the main cause of concern is foot pain relief from standing or running on their feet with the desire to add additional shock absorption.

Those seeking a thin cushioned insole for tighter fitting shoes check out:

  • Spenco Full-Length Arch Support Cushioned Insoles - features a closed-cell, nitrogen-injected material to absorb the shock and impact that your feet and arches should not have to endure. They have a soft, flexible arch cushion, built into each insole, that offers additional stability and the arch support necessary to help maintain proper foot position. They have a 4-way stretch fabric with ultra-fresh silpure to help prevent blisters while controlling odor.
  • Sof Sol Arch Performance Insoles - feature a highly contoured surface that has a high arch and deeper heel cup than your standard cushioned insoles. They are constructed with a closed cell polyurethane foam and material top cover to allow breathability and air circulation. Their high density heel plug will help absorb shock making these cushioned insoles an increased feeling of anatomical correctness and stability.
  • Spenco Polysorb Walker Runner Insoles - feature a cushioned arch insole that will cradle your feet with targeted cushioning that improves your athletic performance and prolongs the life of your shoes. They feature a deep heel cup, a metatarsal pad, superior forefoot cushioning, and shock absorbing cushioning in the heel strike area.
  • Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Insoles - are a nice thick cushioned insole that can absorb the weight and shock your feet are taking. If your seeking a heavy duty cushioned insole for strenous work. Standing on concrete all day serving customers and clients, then this is your insole.
  • By far are most popular cushion insoles for standing on your feet all day from work or play are the Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles - I will tell you that they are thick (3/8 inch at the heel and 1/4 inch at the forefoot pad) but the superior cushioning throughout is unmatched by any other shoe insole on the market. Sof Sol uses an Airr Chamber Technology that cushions the heel region, a metatarsal gel insert into the full length insole, and have perfected the right density of cushioning for a feeling that is no better described than "walking on air".

So whether you're seeking a flat cushion insole or an insole with cushioned arch support, has a cushioned insole style for any footcare need. Check out the Best Cushioned Insoles today, at!

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