Cycling Insoles: Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles for Foot Pain Relief

"You saved my feet! I just finished cycling 300 miles in 3 days in a cancer fundraiser in Massachusetts (the Pan Mass Challenge with 5400 cyclists raising 36 million dollars). I had trained by riding 2500 miles in the last 7 months. I kept re-injuring my right foot in various ways. I tried new bike shoes, switching insoles form other sport shoes, adding Dr Scholl's metatarsal inserts, moving cleat positions, etc. Some things helped one problem, but created another. Other changes made no improvement at all or made it worse.
Then I ordered the Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles from your site. The site quickly helped me find cycling-suitable insoles with better than typical metatarsal support. After not being able to ride 30 consecutive miles without pain for 9 months, I rode 300 miles in 3 days without ANY discomfort thanks to your insoles. I just want to thank you, and yes, I'll be back shopping at this fall!"

The Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles offer a semi-flexible arch support for low-profile stability making them ideal for tight fitting or minimalist shoes. They are 20% thinner then the Total Support Originals and feature a unique patent pending 3-POD Cushioning Insole System absorbs shock and helps prevent over-pronation. Get yours today, at!

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