Feet Sore From Working All Day - Try The Spenco Heavy Duty Insoles

One's feet can take alot of stress and shock during the day; especially for those that work or stand on their feet all day. Achy feet, sore arches, ankles, and knees can cause fatigue and pain that lasts throughout the day and night. Often one might wear thick soled shoes or work boots; unfortunately, they come ill-equipped for providing adequate cushion and arch support. A shoe insole or orthotic arch support made to properly cradle the foot in a proper neutral posture and/or cushion to absorb the daily punishment our feet go through can greatly reduce if not eliminate the foot pain caused from a hard days work.

Spenco Insoles has introduced the Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Insoles specifically for occupational use. They are made for work shoe or boots. A friend of ours works in a furniture warehouse and is on his feet all day. He absolutely loves the inserts in his work boots. The Heavy Duty Insoles are made to take the shock of heavy lifting and walking on concrete slabs while removing the end of the day foot and knee pain. If there is a negative, it is that they are 1/2 inch thick in the heel while tapering down to 1/4 inch at the forefoot pad and toes. I would definitely recommend that one undue their shoe laces, put the Heavy Duty Insole In the shoe, insert your foot, and then tighten the laces. Workers seeking all day comfort, cushioning and support should consider the Spenco Heavy Duty Insoles.

For those that like a gel insole, we find that the Spenco Gel Total Support Insoles are popular for those on their feet all day. Looking for a good orthotic arch support? The Spenco Polysorb Total Support Original Insoles are one of our most popular insoles.

These are just a few shoe inserts that are popular for occupational uses in the office, service, warehouse, medical or even the restaurant industries. If your looking for additional idea's, check out our Occupational Insoles at TheInsoleStore.com. Personally, I wear an orthotic arch during the day which greatly helps from the running around I do and the lifting when helping out with deliveries and shipments in the warehouse.

If you suffer from foot pain, treat yourself to a pair of shoe insoles. Give it a try! Even I didn't fully comprehend how much relief they could provide until I tried my first pair. Taking care of ourselves both physically and mentally go hand in hand for an ideal balance in our lives. If you're on your feet all day from work or just every day life, treat yourself to a good pair of shoe insoles from TheInsoleStore.com.

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