Graphite Orthotic Arch and Cushion Insole: ProThotics Semi-Flex Insoles has added the ProThotics Semi-Flex Insoles to their line up of shoe insoles. The ProThotics Semi-Flex Full-Length Insoles offers the best of both worlds with a graphite orthotic arch support coupled with a superior cushioning Poron heel to toe pad, and a Vygel Heel insert for superior cushioning and stability.

Tyler McCracken, President, states: "We had been looking for a replacement insole to the Sof Sole Graphite Performance Insoles when Implus decided to discontinue the product. We felt the this was an excellent all around cushion insole with arch support that is in demand. ProThotics actually used to make the Sof Sole Graphite Insoles for Sof Sole -so who else was better for providing the best graphite replacement insole. The Semi-Flex Insoles offer a superior cushion for soft shock absorption coupled with a graphite orthotic arch support."

The ProThotics Semi-Flex Full Length Insoles are available in Men's and Women's Sizes and are ideal for athletic, casual, and dress shoes, as well as a 3/4-Length style. Find your perfect insoles today, at!

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