Great Childrens Insoles: Pedag Bambini Insoles

"Shipping is super fast and product is great! I bought this insoles for my 4 years old son who has very flat feet. The doctor recommend to buy shoes with an arch or buy him insoles, so I went for the Pedag Bambini Children's Insoles because a lot of shoes now day don't have an arch. I wish they would do shoes like that! When he tried them on he didn't want me to take the arch off his shoes anymore. That tells me how good the relief his little feet might feel having this support now!"

The Pedag Bambini Children's Insoles are a semi-rigid orthotic arch support insole for Children's size 6 through Youth size 5. Their lightly contoured design supports the heel and the arch to gently enhance the anatomically correct positioning for the developing bones and tendons in a child’s foot.

Give your kid's the support they deserve today, at!

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