Hiking Insoles Take a Hiking Boot to the Next Level

Experienced hikers know that the most important part about hiking is the feet! If your feet are hurting or injured, then its just about impossible to get back to your ground zero where you left in the time you estimated for your trip.

Thats why they never leave home without hiking and backpacking insoles and a good pair of boots! These insoles are specially developed for the sport of hiking. There are three primary features found in hiking insoles: heel cup, arch support, and extra cushioning.

A heel cup assist in using your own natural fat pad on the bottom of your heel by holding it in place to absorb shock and weight.

Arch supports assist in keeping the foot arch from over-collapsing so that the many small muscles on the sole of your foot arent stressed out too much from all the walking.

And extra cushioning is a big plus in hiking insoles so that while youre walking over jagged rocks, your feet are adequately cushioned and the rocks dont bother you. You will need the extra cushioning on the sole and on the balls of the feet.

Other than good hiking insoles, experienced hikers will tell you that your hiking boots should fit. You should have adequate ankle support and a high lacing system. And of course the hiking boot should be waterproofed.

But do remember to replace the hiking boot insoles that are in the boot when you buy them with hiking insoles that are specific for your foot. It means comfort and pleasure while you hike.

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