Is The Pedag Viva Orthotic Good For Runners?

If you read about all the features of an Orthotic, would you be able to tell if that Orthotic is good for runners or not? Theres a simple art to making a decision on whether an orthotic really is good for you and your sports activities or not.

The best way to explain it is to take you through an example. Let's use the Pedag Viva Orthotic Insoles for that example.

Now lets go through the mental decision making process in steps:

  1. What is the type of foot that the runner has? Is the foot one called pes planus, which is a flat foot? Is the arch a medium arch? Or is the arch a high arch? You must understand that no orthotic no matter how well it is made is going to fit every persons foot. Just like Cinderellas shoe only fit her foot, the insoles and orthotics on the market are out there that fit your foot. However, many of them won't fit your feet.
  2. The Pedag Viva Orthotic Insoles do provide firm support for the entire foot, but the question is do they have an arch in them high enough for a high arched foot? If not and you have a high arched foot, then you will need the Pedag Viva High Arch Orthotic Insoles. Whether or not you are a runner doesnt even matter. If you are someone with a flat foot or low arches, then you will need the Pedag Viva Low Arch Orthotic Insoles.
  3. Runners need breathable materials in their orthotics. The Pedag Viva Orthotic is made from vegetable-tanned leather with activated carbon. You can't get much more natural than that. Chalk up a few points for this Orthotic for runners with this feature.
  4. Runners put a lot of stress on their heels. The Pedag Viva Orthotic has a shock absorbing heel cushion. Chalk up a few more points for this Orthotic for runners.
  5. Runners may need a thin type of running insole or Orthotic; otherwise the insole will bring the top of the toes too close to the top of the shoe and cause blisters. The Pedag Viva Orthotic is designed to fit into tight running shoes, and minimalist shoes for running as well.
  6. Running may also add extra stresses to the ball of the foot. Is there a ball of the foot cushion or extra metatarsal arch support in the Pedag Viva? Yes. Chalk up a few more points.
  7. The American Podiatric Medical Association rates different orthotics according to their ability to prevent pain in the foot and foot conditions and to relieve pain in the feet. Since many runners have their fair share of injuries including foot injuries, is the Pedag Viva given the seal of approval from this prestigious organization? The answer is yes. The Orthotic is recommended for runners (and other people) who may have plantar fasciitis, pain in their midfoot or forefoot, Achilles Tendonitis, heel spurs and many other foot disorders.
  8. Runners come in all sizes and shapes. Runners may have large feet. Does the Pedag Viva come in large sizes for men? Yes. The Pedag Viva Orthotic is available for mens sizes 16, 17, and 18. Thus, if a runner wears a large shoe size, Pedag Viva orthotics will work for you.

From this analysis, were finding that the Pedag Viva is a good choice for runners. This is how you can analyze all other orthotics to determine whether or not they are good for your feet.

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