Merrell Shoe Insoles: Spenco Walker Runner Insoles are the Best Value

"I have been wearing the Spenco Walker Runner Insoles for approx a year and a half in my work shoes (merrell low hikers) almost every day. These have the most cushion of the dozen or so insoles I have tried. They are a high volume insole that would not be suitable for some dress shoes like loafers. They are perfect for hiking boots or athletic shoes- walking, running and hiking. They have a large cushy arch but don't put a lot of pressure there like some of the hard backed custom orthotics I used to use. They have held up well, though finally the top fabric is wearing off at the heel. Its the best $30 I have ever spent on my feet."


The Spenco Polysorb Walker Runner Insoles feature a cushioned arch that will cradle your feet with targeted cushioning that improves your athletic performance and prolongs the life of your shoes. They feature a deep heel cup, a metatarsal pad, superior forefoot cushioning, and shock absorbing cushioning in the heel strike area. Find your perfect insoles today, at!

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