Mom's Guide to Orthotic Arch Supports: What To Wear During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, the added weight gain for the baby stresses out the feet more than ever. Its similar to adding 20 extra pounds during the holidays over an extended stay with the exception of one thing, this time its the babys fault!!

Your feet are what your skeleton rests on, and if you are leaning more to the inside of your feet, you could end up with a case of plantar fasciitis later on down the road. That won't be fun plus it will be far too easy to blame it on the new innocent baby!

The point is that arch supports are essential for your feet and shoes during your pregnancy. There are three ways to get them:

  1. By adding a standalone arch support to your shoe.
  2. By adding an orthopedically-designed Orthotic to your shoe.
  3. By wearing a shoe or sandal that has a good Orthotic arch support built into it.

Adding a Standalone Orthotic Arch Support To Your Shoes

This may normally be a good solution if the Orthotic arch supports have adhesive on the back and can be cemented into the shoes you'll be wearing. No one wants to keep bending over to put something into a shoe and then take it out over and over. The baby bump interferes with your ability to bend over totally.

The issue with a standalone Orthotic arch support is that if you do cement it into the shoe, then those are the only shoes that will have them. What about the rest of your shoes?

Adding an Orthopedically-Designed Orthotic to Your Shoe

This is a good idea, no matter which way you look at it. These are often inexpensive enough to buy several pair and can be inserted into shoes and even removed at will. The arch support is part of the Orthotic. However, dont expect that every Orthotic will have arch supports in them. Some are primarily designed for cushioning, not arch support. Do read the description specifically for the words arch support.

Also, youll have to match the arch support to your foot. Some Orthotic arch supports are specifically for flat feet while others are designed for medium arches and yet others are made for high arches. The height of the arch varies depending on the arch of the foot.

Wearing a Shoe or Sandal With Orthotic Arch Support Built Into It

First of all, dont expect that shoes will have adequate Orthotic arch support for your feet. Manufacturers can't possibly know that Sally Brown, pregnant mom, has high arched feet while pregnant mom Jessica Taylor has flat feet. They create the arch that will hurt and help no one in particular.

As stated before, you need one that will fit your foot and most likely you'll have to add an orthopedically-designed Orthotic to the shoe.

Sandals are another thing, though. There are more orthopedic sandals on the market now than ever. Check out the OOFOS sandals, Vionic with Orthaheel technology sandals, and the Spenco sandals for the best chance of perfect Orthotic arch support. You'll never regret these amazing inventions.

Give up the old idea your feet don't need support and move forward into the rest of your pregnancy with ease and without foot pain.

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