Mom's Guide to Orthotic Sandals: What to Wear During Pregnancy

Mom's feet are probably the last on the priority list of what to think about during pregnancy and did you know that if you have adequate support for your feet, its entirely possible that you could have less back pain?

Unsupported feet are a cause of back pain, but they're always far down on the list of culprits that are causing back pain.

How do you know that a pair of sandals are good for you or they are not good for you? The answer is to consider whether or not they have these:

  1. Longitudinal arch support - this is a must have since you will be carrying around an extra 25 to 30 pounds. This extra pressure pushes down extra hard on your feet and its the longitudinal arch of your foot that is most responsible for supporting your weight.
  2. Metatarsal arch support - this is another must have since the two arches of your feet, when supported, will result in the most pain control over any other features. Look for this feature, too.
  3. Deep heel cup - Life can get a little awkward as you might find yourself staggering and squirming in and out of places due to the extra weight. When you go to put your foot down on the ground, you need solid footing, and your foot needs to be aligned. A deep heel cup will do that.

Start with these three features of any womens sandals and any extra positive features are like frosting on the cake. Now lets look at some womens sandals that fit the bill.

For beachwear, consider OOFOS Sandals. They can only make your feet feel better and are easy to slip on and oh so comfortable!

For boat excursions, consider the Spenco Siesta Slide for Women. They're good-looking, comfortable, and stylish. Best of all, it prevents overpronation so you wont take a tumble.

are the perfect choice if your feet start spreading out as a result of the pregnancy. You'll feel dressed up when you wear them and the heel is perfect for pregnancy.

Wow, pregnancy can be fun with new Women's Footwear. Why not get a pair today?

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