OOFOS Sandals Review - A Great Cushioning Recovery Sandal

"I bought the OOFOS Thong (flip flop style) Sandals in Black. I opted for black, considering the likelihood of my oldest needing to borrow them. My Initial reaction? AMAZING! Unfortunately, no one was Camera Ready for the WIDE EYED HOLY (Stinkin) COW!!!! Where have you been all my life??? look I had on my face. I swayed side to side and rocked back and forth letting my feet process this new sensation.

Bouncy was sort of an accurate description! Like moon shoes maybe? I wore these every day for a full two weeks to be certain my review would be shopper worthy. As far as durability goes... they certainly surprised me! No problems wearing them in the yard, or rain, they cleaned up great!!! The price was more than I would have paid in the past for sandals but this is one of those things that I feel to be worth every penny... and I HAVE to add that I will never be able to return to $5 flip flops! I now have new standards for my shoes. As far as sizing goes, as recommended I went up to a Women's Size 6, as the OOFOS tend to run a bit tight -so if your a 1/2 size (like me at 5 1/2) you definitely want to order the next full size up!

It seem like every day I noticing new things. First, it was my 7 block walk... technically 14 (7 there and 7 back). And my knee wasn't hurting? Why? The right knee ALWAYS bothers me after walking in flip flops... I began taking mental notes about how my body overall seemed to be responding. My lower back wasn't bothering me at night... and then there was the absence of the annoying tingling in my toes??? All of the sudden I realized, I was standing straighter... this was incredible! I've been living with these annoyances that became a part of my daily routine, and now they are BETTER! Is it the Orthotic?? Or the OOFOS bringing my body parts into perfect harmony??? The OOFOS Sandals are definitely provide a soft cushiony orthotic quality that I LOVE!


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