Orthotic Arch Support Insoles Can Help Reduce Foot Pain

Orthotic Arch Supports Insoles help many people stand, work, walk, run and live active lives without experiencing pain or discomfort. Statistics show that one in three adults experience foot pain or chronic joint symptoms that restrict day to day activities such as walking and even just standing. These types of Insoles have proven to help.

These corrective devices are designed to be replacement shoe insoles to help balance and align your feet to alleviate the cause of foot pain that can escalate to ankle, knee, hip and lower back problems.

There are many brands of off-the-shelf styles available on the market today, as well as ones that can be custom made by orthotics specialists or podiatrists to fit your unique foot shape and size. However, considering most manufacturers design Insoles with the help of a Podiatrist and then spend years clinically testing before any product is released for sale, most people can find what they need in a quality off-the-shelf Spenco, Superfeet, and Sof Sole as these brands have styles are all doctor designed, clinically tested and are the brands most frequently recommended by Podiatrists to offer relief at a fair price.

There are many different styles designed to suit any shoe, including dress and tight fitting shoes, work shoes and boots, casual shoes, athletic shoes such as baseball spikes, football or soccer cleats, running and jogging shoes, and even womens high heels.

Only 15% of people have neutral arches, the rest of us have either flat feet or high arches. When the arch of the foot does not function properly, imbalances result that can sometimes lead to imbalances involving the rest of the body. People can have high arches, or low arches, but the actual problem is not the arch but how the arch functions. Orthotic Arch Support Insoles bring support to the arch allowing it to more easily function correctly, restoring the balance back to the feet and body. If you suffer from joint pain, Arch Support Insoles could help these pains disappear.

Most manufacturers make products for men, women, and kids; however, some manufacturers specialize in designing and producing a product for a distinct class of people, such as Arch Angels that makes Insoles exclusively for children. Other Orthotic Arch Supports are designed for a specific need or activity although they can be used for other needs or activities. For example, Spenco Medical Corporation specifically designed and manufactures Insoles for women with their Spenco For Her line and Insoles especially for Diabetic sufferers. These Insoles are clinically designed and tested and are specially crafted to alleviate foot pain.

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