Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles: Odor Eaters Now at has added the Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles to their shoe insert line-up. The Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles feature 100% Cotton Terry Cloth top-coat with a Sisal Padded Cushion that are ideal for athletic, casual, and dress shoes.

Tyler McCracken, President, states: "We are excited to add the Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles as we feel the shoe insoles are the best odor eaters on the market for eliminating smelly feet odors. The Deo Fresh Insoles have a Nano based silver infused into the insole that absorbs odors while the insoles natural fibers absorb and wick away foot moisture and sweat."

The Deo Fresh Insoles are ideal for those who like to go barefooted or wear light socks as the soft cushioning cotton terry top coat creates a fresh and dry feel for your feet.

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