Your Knee Pain May Be Caused By Poor Foot Alignment

Knee pain can have many different causes, such as injury, arthritis, ligament or cartilage tear, patellar tendinitis, or bursitis. The most overlooked cause of knee pain, however, is due to incorrectly aligned feet. You might notice pain that worsens from kneeling, squatting, bending and/or rising after long periods of sitting.

But, how is my knee pain related to my feet? Since your feet are your foundation, foot problems can cause pain throughout and a proper Orthotic Arch Support can assist in a proper foot foundation.

Top brand Orthotic Arch Supports can be heat-molded to form a custom fit. PowerStep Insoles and Spenco Insoles are designed to be heat molded for a custom fit. By conforming to the unique shape of your foot, the Arch Support Insoles will completely support your arch to help align your foot. With properly aligned feet, the affected tissues can heal and restore painless joint function.

NOTE: Orthotic Arch Supports that provide rigid support are not usually recommended for people with flat feet. If you have high arches, arch cushions, rather than arch supports are not recommended. However, everyone's foot is different with the only commonality is to find relief.

Many people with high arches use the Sof Sole's line of Performance Insoles, which has been expanded with the addition of the Airr Arch and Airr Orthotic Performance Insoles. These two styles are designed with state of the art technology to combine the benefits of superb cushioning with air chamber technology and Orthotic Arch Support with a reinforced stability plate. The result is an extremely comfortable fit with support to ensure anatomically correct foot positioning.

Another popular insole brand for knee issues is the Orthaheel Orthotic Insoles.

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