PowerStep Slimtech Orthotics

"I first purchased PowerStep Insoles because a friend with plantar fasciitis told me about them when I complained about foot pain and described with he had. I bought 2 pair of the 3/4 length insoles and 1 pair of the full length. I like the 3/4 length best because they move easily from one pair of shoes to another. I used them for almost 3 years. They really help take care of the foot pain. Then, last summer, I worked on my house during a vacation and wore a beach shoe only. The foot pain came back big time. I started wearing the old insoles that were very worn with much of the cloth and cushion layers gone and they helped the pain but it didn't go away. Then I found out about TheInsoleStore.com and bought a new pair from them. I compared the new with the old pairs and saw how the newer pair had a higher and stiffer arch than the old worn pairs. The new pair did the job removing the pain. Now I know that the insoles should definitely be replaced when the cloth layers show wear. I will be back for more from TheInsoleStore.com. Their quick service sold me on them as a supplier!"

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