Pronation: What Is It and How Much is Too Much?

Over-Pronation is a common and damaging medical problem. Pronation is a turning outward of the foot at the ankle, so that one has a tendency to walk on the inner border of the foot. The most common reason for foot problems is due to Over-Pronation. A certain amount of pronation is necessary to walk properly. Pronation allows for natural bending of the foot during the stepping process of walking. Being loose allows the foot, particularly the heel, to act as a shock absorber each time the heel strikes the ground. Secondly, it is necessary for the foot to be ˜loose to land correctly when we walk on uneven surfaces.

This pronation of the foot as we walk only lasts for a split second. The instant before contact with each step. Immediately after the contact, the foot becomes a rigid lever to finish the stepping process. When the pronation continues too long or starts too early, tremendous stress Orthotic Arch Supports. A European Favorite and new to North America are the 10 Seconds Insoles. The American Podiatric Medical Association has awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance to both PowerStep Insoles and Spencos Orthotic Arch Supports. These fine quality insoles provide a rigid arch support as a base with a cushion top covered by a anti-microbial, friction resistant top cloth.

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