Prothotics Therapeutic Wide Diabetic Insoles Now at has added the ProThotics Therapeutic Wide Diabetic Insoles to their line-up of Diabetic Insoles and Wide Shoe Insoles. The ProThotic Wide Diabetic Insoles feature a multi-density top coat of Plastazote and open-cell polyuretane for superior cushioning and shock absorption.

The ProThotics Therapeutic Wide Insoles offer a cost-effective over the counter insoles for diabetics, arthritic foot, and those with sensitive feet needs needing a softer insole.

Tyler McCracken, President, states: "Our customers with wide feet have had difficulty in finding Wide Shoe Insoles for their sensitive foot needs. The ProThotics Therapeutic Wide Insoles are the best over the counter diabetic & arthritic shoe insoles on the market for providing comfort, cushioning, and protection for foot pain relief."

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