Runners: Shoe Insoles That Go The Distance

Running is one of the most strenuous athletic activities to the foot and skeletal system. Whether you are a walker, jogger, or long-distance runner, the stress and strain that is put on the foot system can be magnified without the proper foot support. One would think that a good running shoe would be built to provide this support; unfortunately, this is not always the case. A good quality shoe insole can provide the orthotic arch support and cushioning to properly align our foot to not only avoid but treat running related injuries too.

Studies show that @25% of the population have a natural running stride were the foot properly pronates to absorb the shock. For the remainder 75% of the population, the over/under pronation of the foot turns to much (or not enough) as the heel (of the foot) hits the ground -an orthotic shoe insert can help adjust the imbalances and angles. These running insoles are somewhat known as a 'cure-all' for assisting in the treatment and prevention of lower body running related injuries such as, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, blisters, heel spurs, knee/hip issues, leg-length discrepancies, plantar faciitis, pulled hamstrings, shin splints, and even stress fractures.

There tends to be two trains of thought as to the type of shoe insoles a runner likes to wear: a cushioned insole or a stability-type orthotic insert. Traditionally, the cushioned shoe insole is known as a flexible type insert that has alot of cushion but offers minimal solid orthotic arch support. Typically the cushioned shoe insoles are larger in size requiring a switch to a thinner sock and/or going up a size in running shoes. The stabilized foot-bed system tends to have a solid support heel cup and arch support with minimal cushion in comparison. From an outward appearance it is less flexible and may appear to provide minimal pain relief; however, the stabilized insole (arch support insoles) maybe just the answer as it is orthotically built to provide the proper arch & heel support were minimal cushioning is needed as a result.

At, the following are the most popular of the cushion and orthotic arch support shoe insoles for running that are available:

Of course -if your experiencing foot related maladies, one should see a Podiatrist. Customized orthotics are available; however, keep in mind that an over-the-counter orthotic shoe insert may remedy the issue for 25% of the cost of a customized insert. As an authorized dealer of Currex, Pedag, Powerstep, Sof Sole Performance Insoles, Spenco Insoles, and Superfeet Premium Insoles, provides many quality shoe insoles for your footcare needs.

We all know that running is truely a passion; otherwise, we wouldn't subject our bodies to the pain and stress. It's important to keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically. For a runner, the foot is physically the foundation of the body and should be properly taken care of -consider a good quality orthotic shoe insole that works for you.

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