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I took a phone call the other day from Laura in Calgary, Canada. She had read a foot-care article the other day in her local newspaper and wanted my thoughts on a particular shoe insole that was recommended. I asked her what was the purpose of the insole? Laura stated that she actually was calling for her mother and needed an extra soft shoe insole as her 92 year old mother had sensitive feet. I'm glad I asked because she had chosen a running shoe insole that was inappropriate.

At, we strive to provide customer service that puts the right insole in the customers shoe. Laura and I discussed three particular insoles that I felt were appropriate and I offered to send her the direct links for these soft shoe insoles for sensitive feet: The ProThotics Comfort Gel Insoles -These are the softest insoles and provide a lot of cushion. Designed with a hyper-allergenic and anti-microbiotic PLASTAZOTE for sensitive feet. Made for diabetics, arthritic's, and others seeking a soft & sensitive shoe insole.

  • Spenco Gel Insoles - These shoe insoles are gel inserts that provide alot of cushion support and a Silpur antimicrobial top cloth.
  • Sof Sole Gel Arch Comfort Insoles -A 4/5 length shoe insole that is made of gel with a deep heel cup and an arch support embedded in the gel. This is a very soft (feel) insert that provides a lot of cushion with tapered edges.
  • Later that day I received an email from Laura stating that she appreciated the time on our phone call and the detailed emails and that she forwarded the shoe insole (descriptions) email to her mother. I was actually at home (after dinner) when Laura's mom, Allison, called in. I personally took the call since I was apart of the conversation from the start. Allison preceded to advise me that she was 92 and had been in a terrible auto accident 10 years back that resulted in her losing @1/3 of her left foot that is now a size 3 versus her other foot being a size 5.5. She had gone through a series of custom-made shoe inserts (running from $189 to $300+) and numerous over-the-counter drug store shoe insoles over the years. Allison had also commented that she had the same problem with orthopedic shoes as they always had rough spots (or edges) that made her feet hurt. Nothing had worked as the customs were always painful and drugstore varieties to thick.

    Allison ended up trying our softest shoe insole that we have available (in my opinion) -The ProThotics Comfort Gel Insoles. In fact -they are even trimmable and we determined one size would handle her two separate sized feet. We're giving her a few weeks to see how the insoles are working out and then we will touch base with her; however, I suspect we may have success as we've not heard from her as of yet (and she said she'd definitely call if there was a problem). So after @45 minutes with two phone conversations and 2-3 email chains, I believe we've delivered the shoe insoles that Allison needed.

    You see, beyond, being a leading internet retailer of shoe insoles, inserts, and orthotic arch supports, we are here to provide the right shoe insole for your situation. If you ever have a question or concern with your foot-care needs, let us know!

    Not only do we provide insoles for sensitive feet but we are sensitive to our customers needs & wants too!


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