Sof Sole Airr Chamber Technology Insoles

A few years ago, Sof Sole introduced something new in the Insole world. A technological breakthrough in cushioning comfort. Using air chamber technology, the Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles were offered for supreme cushioning comfort in a way never before experienced.

Using encapsulated air chambers in the heel and arch, the Airr Insoles offer more cushioning than any other product available. Combining with Polymer Gel for forefoot cushioning and users walked as if they were bouncing on a cloud.

This technological cushioning Insole marvel was so well received that Sof Sole started working on complimentary products that could meet the needs of all people in all walks of life regardless of foot type, shoe type or activity.

The result is the introduction of two new incredible products. The Sof Sole Airr Orthotic and the Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles. This now gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of state of the art cushioning technology combined with unsurpassed Orthotic Arch Support comfort.

The Airr Orthotic are a full length performance insole that combines four (4) technologies in one product.

  • Heel Encapsulated Airr Chamber.
  • Dynamic Gel Forefoot Cushioning.
  • Reinforced Stability Plate For A Comfortable Arch Support Bridge.
  • Energy Rebound Foam To Absorb Impact.

The Sof Sole Airr Performance offers many of the same benefits of the Airr Orthotic Performance Insoles but are designed as a flat cushioned insole.

The new anatomically engineered shape fits better than ordinary insoles which provides more comfort while still offering the superior cushioning benefits of the air chamber system and unbelievably comfortable Orthotic Arch Support.

So stop tolerating foot discomfort. Try the new generation of advanced Insole products. The Sof Sole Airr and Airr Orthotic Performance Insoles are the answer you have been waiting for.

Experience the Cushioning comfort and Orthotic Arch Support of Airr. Your feet will thank you every day!

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