Sof Sole Athlete Perfomance Insoles are My Favorite Tennis Shoe Insoles

"Happy New Year! I enjoyed talking with you as well. Thanks again for working with me to find the right insoles. The Sof Sole Athlete Insoles are just what I needed, it solves all the problems.


I worked with Dennis over the course of a month and a half while he was in search of the perfect tennis shoe insoles. Typically, a tennis player needs extra cushion in the forefoot pad and our first recommendation is the Sof Sole Airr Performance Insole; however, this was a bit to thick for him. Dennis chose the Sof Sole Athlete Performance Insoles, as they are a thinner cushioned insole but still provide a gel ball of foot pad in the front of the insole for added shock absorption he needed for playing tennis.

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