Spenco 3/4 Thinsole Great for Foot Pain Relief and my Neuroma

"I was having pain due to a neuroma. After using the Spenco 3/4th Thinsoles just once, I felt an immediate difference after working out. Not only that, the company (TheInsoleStore.com) has superior customer service. I had ordered a different brand of insole to begin with and found that it did not suit my foot. I called and received help from a specialist who picked out the insole she thought would best fit my needs, she shipped them immediately and sent a label with postage paid so I could return the original insoles. They are 5 stars in my book!"


The Spenco 3/4-Length Thinsole Orthotic Arch Supports are a rigid orthotic insole that is designed for tight fitting shoes. They are lightweight, comfortable, and washable.

Give your feet the support they need today, at TheInsoleStore.com!

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