Spenco Total Support Insoles are Great for Foot Arch Pain!

"I ended up buying these for a pair of Merrell hiking boots that I use around the house for my yardwork (cutting grass, weeding, etc.). So far, I have had no problems with these - they are very comfortable. I have professional orthotics for arch pain that I usually get after walking in regular shoes for 30 minutes. So far, I have not experienced any pain when using the Spenco Total Support Original Insoles -even for long periods of time.
Thank you!!!

-John B.

The Spenco Total Support Total Support Original Insoles are engineered to provide the most advanced comfort and performance for today's more active lifestyles. They feature a unique patent pending 3-POD Cushioning Insole System absorbs shock. Check them out today at TheInsoleStore.com!

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