Superfeet Green Insoles Review - My Super Hero

"Lately there have been many movies released about super heros- The Green Lantern, Captain America and Ironman. The real super hero for me are my Superfeet Green Insoles. I have been running since I was in seventh grade and now I am 42 so suffice to say I have been a runner most of my life. I have run countless road races, 3 full marathons and a half marathon. I have had my share of foot, knee and hip pain. Ibuprofen was my best friend. My mid life crisis this year was to try a Ramblin Rose Sprint triathlon. For my training, I was introduced to the Superfeet Green Premium Insoles and have used them in my running shoes since.

They are fantastic! I will advise breaking them in to allow your feet to get use to the new support it provides your foot -if you've never worn an orthotic arch support before. I put mine in and immediately completed an 8 mile run. After the run, I had a small blister on the inside arch of my foot. That was when I decided to read thedirections and follow the advice of breaking them in slowly for a few days. The Superfeet Green Insoles fit comfortably in my shoes and I had a whole new feeling of support in my arch. My ankles and knees are stabilized. The aches and pains of the past are gone.
My race was successful and I plan to use Superfeet from now on!"

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