Superfeet Green Insoles Review: Orthotic Arch Supports for That Feel Just Right Fit.

Being on my feet all day, I have dealt with some minor foot pain (mostly at home in the evenings) but never considered it much as I tolerated it. Now, I have worn a few Superfeet Premium Insoles. Yet, when I put the Superfeet Green Premium Insoles into my shoes two weeks ago, I realized that they are a fantastic orthotic arch that not only helps remove the foot pain but improves my posture, too.

The Superfeet Green Premium Insoles are a very popular orthotic arch support for everyday living, foot conditions, and/or athletics such as running. They offer the patented Superfeet Encapsulating Stabilizer System that offers a true heel to arch orthotic support that locks your foot arch into proper positioning to overcome over-pronation and supination. Due to their popularity, carries the Superfeet Green in all the available sizes from a Youth 13.5 all the way up to a Men's Size 17.

As I hinted earlier, they are the most popular Superfeet Shoe Insert for foot conditions, too. As they assist with people whom have collapsed arches, over-pronate, supinate, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, heel spurs, foot elongation, shin splints, stress fractures and many more. Essentially, the Superfeet Green Insoles are one of the top rated over-the-counter orthotic arch supports on the market.

Personally, I like the Support that Superfeet Green Insoles offer. The Superfeet Green Premium Insoles are rated as an orthotic arch support insole for neutral/medium to high arched feet. Having a Neutral Arched foot, I find them rather comfortable; however if your a low to neutral arch consider the Superfeet Blue Insoles or if your flat footed -the Superfeet Black Insoles. Now if you've read any of my prior Insole Reviews, you know I tend to put my weight on my forefeet (front metatarsal pad behind toes) so I actually prefer additional cushioning up front -if your the same way, consider the Superfeet Orange Insoles for Men or Superfeet Berry Insoles for Women.

I mentioned how the Superfeet Green Insoles remove my end of the day foot pain and posture. For those whom never worn an orthotic arch support before, I will warn you that they are hard (or rigid) compared to standard cushioned insoles. A common reaction is how can these possibly feel good? You see the secret is actually the patented Encapsulating Stabilizer System. The Deep Heel Cup actually utilizes your own heel pad by holding the fat pad in place (under the heel) versus allow it to spread out over the sides of ones heel. The Orthotic Arch actually puts your foot on a solid foundation that properly disburses ones weight and shock/pressure evenly throughout the entire length of the foot versus into smaller pressure points. It may sound odd -but it works!

The first few days, the Superfeet Green Insoles made my feet feel a bit odd. Sort of like working out and having your arm or leg mucsles ache (in a good way) afterwards. Personally, I feel as though my foot muscles and tendons are being stretched into a more appropriate posture that takes a few days of getting used to. While wearing the green insoles, I find myself standing more upright with a better posture, for me this is a problem. In addition to foot pain relief, my energy levels have actually increased as I feel healthier.

If your on the fence, you ought to give them a try. Superfeet offers a 60 Day Comfort Guarantee which fully honors via their refund policy. Check out the Full Line-up of Superfeet Insoles, today!

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