Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Diagnosis and Treatment

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome except this disorder occurs in the space between the bones of the feet and the surrounding tissue. It is caused by a pinched nerve, the tibal nerve.

Symptoms include pain on the sole of the foot, usually described as a burning or tingling sensation becoming more intense during the day. Pain can range from discomfort to severe and can occur in both children and adults who live an active lifestyle.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome results from the growth of muscles surrounding the tibial nerve that begin to squeeze the nerve. Flat feet can cause Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome as low arch compacts the nerves and muscles surrounding the ankle. Feet that do not function correctly due to over-pronation are highly susceptible to Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and many other common foot disorders.

Rest, ice packs to decrease inflammation and swelling, mild medication such as ibuprofen, and elevation can offer short term relief. In some cases, steroid injections are used. Surgery is sometimes necessary although it is a last resort option as more conservation, less invasive, procedures are first exhausted.

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