The Last Time I Wore Arch Support Inserts for Sandals

Do you really want arch support inserts for sandals? The reason why this question is asked is because you can purchase sandals that are orthopedically-designed. Orthopedic sandals are ones that already contain an arch support.

If you don't get orthopedic sandals, you end up getting an arch support insert and then trying to do your best to keep it attached to both your foot and the shoe. Good luck! Unless it has a self-adhesive strip that will do the attaching for you, you're out of luck. Expect instability when you walk as the arch support may or may not move with your foot, or the arch support may or may not slide off the sandal.

What Happened When I Wore Arch Support Inserts for Sandals

I tried wearing arch support inserts with sandals one time, and that was enough! I had to be constantly aware of what was happening with my feet, as the arch support inserts slid around with every step. Not only that but it was very embarrassing because I'd have to stop every few steps and reposition the arch support inserts for sandals.

Then the most embarrassing thing happened as I crossed the street at the crosswalk. Two-thirds of the way across the street the arch insert fell out of the shoe but because the light at the crosswalk had already turned red, I had to scurry to the other side. The arch support was there in the intersection.

I watched the cars and trucks hurry by, wondering if they were smashing my poor little arch support. Certainly companies make the arch supports to withstand a lot of pressure from weight, but what company would create an arch support that could withstand the pressure of a ton of weight from a car tire smashing it?

What to do to get it back was the next dilemma. I promptly (and aggravatingly) removed the remaining arch support from the other shoe and had to cross the street again, making it not so obvious that I was scavenging something from the middle of the road. Luckily the arch support hadn't been smashed by the traffic.

Having flat feet is not a lot of fun, so I absolutely have to have arch support inserts, but sandals were so poorly made that if they ever had an arch in them, it seemed like a miracle. This has changed in the last few years with the orthopedic sandals. And these sandals arent ugly, like the old orthopedic shoes of the past. They're the most comfortable sandals you can ever wear, and from the first time you begin walking in them, you'll think to yourself, I'll never go back to the old style of sandals I used to wear.

Orthopedic sandals are ergonomically designed and include not only the arch supports that you are looking for, but also a deep heel cup and may have a metatarsal cushion that makes your feet sing happy tunes.

Try them! And with these great orthopedic sandals, you never have to worry about losing an arch support inserts for sandals in the middle of an intersection.

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