TheInsoleStore.Com has expanded their Superfeet Premium Insoles Line for Children & Extra Large Feet

TheInsoleStore.comhas expanded their line of Superfeet Premium Insoles to accommodate childrens shoe sizes, mens/womens, extra-large, and wide shoe sizes.

Tyler McCracken, President of stated that prior to the acquisition of the leading internet retailer of foot care, that management identified that additional shoe insert lines were needed to compliment their existing line of childrens shoe insoles and arch supports (Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles) and that there was a need for extra-large and wide shoe insoles for men and women. We now provide up to a men's size 17 shoe insole with a Superfeet Green Premium Insole and up to a EEE extra wide for men and women with our Superfeet Wide Premium Insoles. Check out the Finest Selection of Superfeet Premium Insoles.

Our goal is to constantly strive to meet our customers needs by providing the best assortment of shoe insoles, inserts, and arch supports, at!

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