What They're Saying About the PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles

By reading testimonials about a product, you can get a sense if the product will be good for you, especially if someone is in a similar situation as you. Another way is by looking at a companys best selling insoles or orthotics “ especially review the ones that people are raving about. The PowerStep Pinnacle insoles fit that bill!

One of the PowerStep Companys first orthotics, called the Powerstep Original, was used as a template for the PowerStep Pinnacle insoles. Its not that the PowerStep Original wasnt working; it was. But company staff got together and thought about making the PowerStep Original so comfortable that you couldnt resist stocking up on them for several pairs of shoes in your closet.

So they got busy and started with a polypropylene shell that would hold its structure and not break down. Next they encased the shell in two layers of cushioning. Specifically, theres a hypurcel foam layer plus a soft EVA foam on the underside. Next they added a heel cradle and platforms underneath the heel. A leading edge almost finished off the PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles but wait, they had to prevent you from falling as you walk, or sliding. For this, the PowerStep Company added a special fabric that reduces friction.

With all that, the staff thought that their insole had to be the top of the line and no one could create something any better than the PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles.

Some of the comments from customers include:

  • The PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles allowed a woman to be comfortable when she does line dancing. It supports her foot enough during the periods of high activity.
  • The PowerStep Pinnacle insoles helped one man relieve the pain from Achilles tendonitis and worked better than the Dr. Scholls custom fit. Achilles tendonitis can be a very painful and lingering condition that often is enough to get a handicapped parking sticker for the vehicle a person is driving.
  • The ergonomic and orthopedic structure allowed a woman who had knee pain from chondromalacia in the knee/femur and keeps her knee caps from getting out of alignment.
  • The PowerStep Pinnacle insoles relieved the pain one woman suffered from a nerve that was inflamed in the ball of her foot.
  • One man believes that his feet feel better with the PowerStep Pinnacle insoles than from the customized and much more expensive orthotic he has.
  • Another man had plantar fasciitis for over six months which made him run for the Advil to relieve pain. After a week, he didnt need the Advil.
  • Another woman was able to walk all over London without foot pain that she had had for several years.
  • One man uses the PowerStep Pinnacle insoles in his boots for work on the farm and loves the extra cushioning in them that the PowerStep Original didnt have.

When customers are raving about them, you really have to turn your head and listen. Although the customers results cant ever be promised to you and of course, the customers feet are not a carbon copy of yours, its still possible that PowerStep Pinnacle insoles could be what you have been looking for. However, you wont know until you try them.

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