What To Know About Minimalist Philosophy and Minimalist Insoles, Part 3

In the last article, two minimalist orthotics were recommended, the Superfeet Carbon Insoles and the Currex RunPro Insoles.

There are others you can check into. The advantage of these is that minimalist insoles are perfect for you no matter what your arch type is. Its important to match the minamalist insoles to your correct arch type.

If you have a flat foot, going barefoot or close to it can aggravate existing disorders that are worsened from having no support whatsoever in your foot. I learned this myself the hard way after experimenting with walking barefoot, only 20 minutes a day. I have had bunions in the past and have had flat feet for years.

I was hoping that walking barefoot would help change the way I walk, and possibly impact my arches positively. The first week my feet felt great. However, by the end of the second week, my feet were hurting constantly. Only after going back to orthotics inside regular athletic shoes did I feel relief. Obviously, everyone wont have the same experience I did. The lesson learned was that if ones feet are less than perfect, minimalist insoles are a necessity.

Here are a few other minimalist insoles:

  • Orthaheel Relief Insoles

    These are podiatrist-designed and especially good for those who havent had an Orthotic in their shoes. Theres a deep heel cup, arch cushion, cushioning for the heel and forefoot and something called a Tri-Planer Motion Control Arch support in these Orthaheel Relief Insoles, too.

    These minimalist insoles also have a 4-degree rear heel wedge for the purpose of correcting the angle of the foot so that it is aligned correctly when you are walking. With this wedge, you wont overpronate or oversupinate while walking. Both these actions lead to foot problems. They are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Thats a good sign because it means they are prescribed for people with foot pain by podiatrists.

  • Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles

    These have arch support and a deep heel cup so if your feet are anything less than perfect, you can be assured your feet arent veering off to any direction other than straight forward. These minimalist insoles also have something called the 3-POD Cushioning Insole System to absorb shock and prevent overpronation, which is the foot falling to the inside when you walk. Theres additional cushioning for the ball of the foot.

    The Total Support Thin minimalist insoles are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association because they can potentially assist in alleviating foot pain, especially mid foot pain. These minimalist insoles have a one-year unconditional guarantee.

    If you want to embrace minimalist ideology but dont have perfect feet, you have a choice. Get minimalist shoes and insert minimalist orthotics. Its the next best thing to going barefoot when you run.

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