What's My Size?

Every year, its a good idea to size your feet so you can buy the proper shoe sizes. Foot size can increase as your weight increases or during pregnancy. Foot size can decrease when you lose weight or when your insulin resistance is eliminated.

Buying shoes that are too small can lead to foot sores that become infected or foot deformities such as hammertoes or bunions. Buying shoes that are too large means that your foot will not be snug in the shoe in the area of the heel and will rub against the back of the shoe. This can cause a callus that can also lead to the formation of a bone spur. When your shoes are too large for your feet, it will feel like your feet are not stable when you walk.

For Shoe Insoles, if you are seeking an extra wide shoe insole or for narrow shoe insoles.

To size your feet properly, you'll need a shoe size chart and a shoe width chart. However, you should know that shoe size and width may vary depending on the brand of shoes you wear. Thus, a shoe size chart and shoe width chart are for the purpose of giving you a good idea of where to start from when you purchase a new pair of shoes but then you may have to adjust the size you select based on how your feet feel when you slip them on. Dont ever think that youre always going to be a size 7. In one brand, you may be a size 6 and in another, a size 8.

When you measure your feet, wear the same type of socks you often wear. If you wear dress shoes most of the time for work and casual occasions, wearing thick white socks, as what is worn in athletic footwear will throw off the sizing.

Another thing to remember is that you should measure both feet. Surprisingly to some, your right foot may be larger than the left or vice versa. Sit down when you measure your foot size. If you have flat feet, your feet will splay when you stand and may appear wider.

Heres a shoe width chart that helps determine your foot width. Foot width is measured as AA, A, B, C or D and E, EE, EEE, or 4E. The smallest foot width size is AA and the largest or widest is 4E or extra wide.

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