Why Your Child With Heel Pain Needs Heel Cups

KidZerts Childrens Heel Cups look a little odd. Theres a red dot on the bottom of them next to a white rectangular structure with rounded corners. When you turn them over, they're lime green, easy to find if your child has a messy room, didn't remember to put them in his shoes, and you have to send him back to get them.

The KidZerts Childrens Heel Cups are built up around all the sides except the area where his toes will be. They're about three-fourths of the size of your childs foot, and can fit into most shoes and boots.

Whats going on with this strange design? Well actually, its not so strange at all. The sides of the ZidZerts Childrens Heel Cups are built up so your child's foot won't even think of overpronating or oversupinating. Thats not allowed with this design. And in case you dont know, overpronation means that the foot turns to the inside as if its collapsing with every step. Normally the foot should turn inside a bit, but in some people this motion is far too excessive, and it ends up leading to foot problems.

Oversupination means that the foot turns to the outside as if someone is walking on the outside edge of their foot. This motion also will end up leading to foot problems.

If you can prevent oversupination and overpronation in your child's feet, what ends up happening is you are now ensuring better posture, overall body alignment, and preventing foot problems in the future. It also means less foot fatigue and thus less crabbiness, since children often cant vocalize why they dont feel good.

Now on the bottom of the KidZerts Childrens Heel Cups is the big red dot. What about that? Whats its purpose? The red dot is a polyurethane heel plug for extra shock absorption. What the KidZerts Company does is create a hole in the heel cups and then fill it with polyurethane so there will be some cushioning in them at the point where there is heel pain.

Thus, if your child has heel pain, providing him or her with these heel cups can make a difference by alleviating the heel pain. These heel cups are perfect for sports such as soccer, football, track, and golf. The KidZerts Childrens Heel Cups may also be added to dress shoes. By the way, when you add them to your childs shoes, the natural body heat of your childs body will conform to his or her foot. This way your child gets a customized fit.

Check out the KidZerts Childrens Heel Cups today for your child at TheInsoleStore.com.

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