Your Feet Should Not Hurt

It is surprising that many people are shocked at the statement, your feet should not hurt. These people have lived with discomfort so long they have convinced themselves that foot pain is normal for everyone.

The logic for the belief that everyones feet should hurt is that we put all of our weight on them whenever we stand, compound that with added stress for each step we take then our feet should hurt, shouldnt they?. And considering the average person takes thousands of steps each day, it gets pretty easy to accept painful feet because we abuse them constantly.

Well, that simply is not true. Our feet should not hurt, our joints should not hurt. Tired, sore feet are something we can prevent and get relief from. In fact, thousands of people move about each and every day without any discomfort or pain.

Feet that are not aligned do not provide the stability and balance necessary for proper foot arch function. This results in a turning of the foot either inward or outward. Inward turning is called over-pronation and an outward turning is called supination. The most common is pronation. The most common condition is over-pronation. Over-pronation leads to a flattening of the arch and the inward rolling Orthotic Arch Supports are required to insure Spenco, and Pedag all have been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This means their foot care products have been tested to insure effectiveness in preventing and treating foot disorders.

There is no reason anyone should experience constant foot discomfort or pain. The remedy is an easy step away. End your foot pain and prevent foot disorders from occurring with a pair good quality Orthotic Arch Support Insoles from trusted names such as Spenco, Pedag and Sole available at!

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