Hot or Sweaty Feet? - The Right Shoe Insoles Will Work

Check Out Our Top Choices of Insoles for a Nice and Cool Summer carries a great selection of orthotics and replacement insoles that help keep your feet cool in warmer weather. Hot and sweaty feet? No Problem!

Top 5 Insoles for Summer

  • Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles - flat cushioned insole that has a 100% cotton terry cloth top cover and all natural sisal bottom for cushioning. The Deo-Fresh Insoles are an ideal odor-eater that uses NANO Technology, featuring nano-sized silver molecules to assist in odor absorption. They are ideal for keeping your bare or socked feet cool in your casual, dress, athletic shoes or boots.
  • Pedag Viva Summer Insoles - Like the Deo Fresh Insoles but need a little support? These semi-rigid orthotic arch support insole for low to medium arch types. They are constructed with a Trevira Bioactive fiber that consists of cotton terry cloth woven with nano sized silver particles for skin safe, permanent antibacterial protection.
  • Pedag Bamboo Deo Insoles - A super-thin and flexible hygienic insole, these insoles are made with a soft bamboo terry cloth top cover. These insoles will keep your feet feeling comfortable with or without socks!
  • Pedag Stop Odeur Insoles - These insoles are made of a medical grade, hypoallergenic latex with a fabric top cover. The Stop Odeur Insoles are an ideal odor-eater that uses activated charcoal to both absorb and prevent odors. They are also equipped with their special DDL-technology that provides perfect cushioning and great comfort.
  • 10 Seconds 3720 Arch Stability Insoles - semi-rigid orthotic arch support for low to neutral arch types. They feature a Hytrel arch plate for superior arch support and poron cushioning layers to provide additional comfort and shock absorption. They have a MicroZap antimicrobial fused top cover to help kill odor causing bacteria with air flow channels built in to the insoles to help move warm air out and pull cool air in, that is trim-to-fit for the perfect length.
  • So as the heat rises, consider any of these insoles to keep your feet comfy and cool at

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