Ask Andy About Clothes Reviews: the Superfeet Black & the Pedag Viva-Mini Shoe Insoles.

Ask Andy About Clothes, The World's Most Popular Website Devoted to Mens Clothing Advice, provided a review of our Superfeet Black Premium Insoles and Pedag Holiday Leather Shoe Insoles:

"I noted that one of our newest Members, Tylersmcc, was a merchant for shoe insoles and being a fan of insoles I contacted him."

His business is the and he has a incredibly variety of shoe insoles.

I at one point in my life was buying shoes ½ size larger just so I could put in insoles. And last year when I was experimenting with getting my correct English shoe size with various shoe makers the insoles were invaluable in making them fit.

Most of my experience has been with the types sold in grocery stores. These are far superior to those.

I tried two:

The Superfeet Black Premium Insole and works in tight fitting footwear (means its thin enough to fit shoes that fit! Its recommended for dress, casual and also cleated sport shoes (like golf).

These are more solid than the cushy insoles that I'm used to, but once in my shoes they are comfortable and supportive. I tried them for two days in my running shoes (which I use for walking!). They felt good and a slightly less cushy than the insoles that came with the shoes.

But I got better support with them and didn't notice them after a few minutes.

Made of high-impact closed-cell foam they do not absorb moisture and the molded heel cup helps support the heel.

The other was the Pedag Holiday Leather Insole. Nice looking vegetable tanned leather lets your foot breathe.

The orthopedic design correctly aligning the foot and reduces the pressure and shock on the ball, heel, and arch. So it actually is helping your spine, knees and ankles.

It's light weight and covers the heel up to mid foot (3/4 length), leaving room for your toes. It has a metatarsal pad for forefoot support, an arch support and an extra soft heel pad cushions. It relieves tired feet, but feels good even at the start of the day!

Again, the Pedag Holiday was more cushy than the Superfeet Black Premium Insoles, but really had great support. Support you can feel!

These are great medically designed support and relief for your feet, back, and knees plus they are thin enough to be used in any shoe.

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