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Spenco Total Support Max Insoles Review -A High Arch Orthotic Arch Support

2 minute read

When Spenco Medical advised us that they were coming out with a new versions of the Total Support Insoles, I was concerned that it would be just another roll out of the low, neutral, and high arch style of an insole product -as that is the new trend of the shoe insole manufacturer's right now. I am very pleased with Spenco Insoles rollout of the Total Support Max Insoles as they are an excellent orthotic arch support for those seeking a rigid arch (particularly) for high arched feet and cushioning too.

The Spenco Total Support Max Insoles are a solid arch support for neutral to high arched feet. What is unique about the Total Support Max's is that they offer more heel, arch and forefoot cushioning then the traditional rigid orthotic arch support by using their patented 3-pod heel arch cushion technology and a built in metatarsal pad. A direct comparable orthotic would be the Superfeet Green Insoles; however, the Total Support Max Insoles provided additional cushioning.

Now I am more of a Low to Neutral Arched foot so the Total Support Max Insoles offer just a bit to much arch height for me; however, for Neutral to High Arched Feet, you will love the support. If you're more of a neutral arched foot wanting some flexibility, go with the Spenco Total Support Original Insoles.

The Spenco Total Support Max Insoles are an excellent insole for athletic, casual and dress shoe -but also boots, too. They are a slender orthotic arch that provides maximum support and shock absorption for high impact activities including hiking, running, and weight lifting. I would also recommend these insoles to our larger customer in extreme weight and for Men needing foot support up to a Shoe Size 17.

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