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Shoe Insoles for Knee Pain

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Foot Pain and conditions are the number one reason to why orthotic shoe insoles are used; however, there are other pains that can both be treated or prevented with insoles. Shoe insoles can provide extra cushion (or shock absorption) and orthotic support for both one's heel and arch. Properly positioning one's foot with an orthotic arch support can provide the proper foot alignment to assist with ones ankle, leg, hip, lower back and knee pain.

While knee pain can be a result of many issues and should be examined by a doctor, shoe insoles can assist with the pain. Often there are two camps of opinions as to which type of shoe insoles are best when assisting with knee pain.

Cushioned Arch Support Insoles with arch support are a popular choice as they provide superior cushioning that absorbs the shock and impact of weight and movement -thus lessening the strain on one's knee. Typically one would want a cushion insole with a raised cushion arch support too.

Our most popular cushioned insoles with arch support are:

The other popular choice is a good orthotic arch support. The idea is that your foot should be supported in a proper alignment with the use of a deep heel cup and orthotic arch support to hold in a neutral stance as it moves through one's gait. That proper orthotic support assists in aligning the foot through the neutral positioning and as a result assists in proper alignment through one's ankles, legs, knees, hips, and back. With the addition of some cushioning, the idea is knee strain (and pain) is reduced via proper alignment rather than tweaked (or tension) from un-even stress.

Our most popular Orthotic Arch Supports for knee pain are:

All of the insoles for knee pain can assist with extra cushioning and support to lessen the pain and strain on the knee. Adding cushioning for shock absorption and arch support to assist with over-pronation or supination for proper alignment maybe just the answer. If your looking for a great recovery sandal for knee pain, check out our OOFOS Footwear.

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