ProThotics Comfort Gel Insoles & Another Satisfied Customer at

"Thanks for returning my call and getting back to me last Monday with suggestions for insole replacements. I did order the Prothotics Comfort Gel Diabetic Insoles and received them last week. I really like them and think they do a better job of cushioning than the other insoles. The others were good, but the Prothotics are better. I especially like the increased heel cushioning. They are a little thicker,but they fit well in my casual and dress shoes. They were too thick for use in my hiking and biking shoes, so I will contunue to use the other insoles in them. I will be ordering two more pairs of the Prothotics from you. Thanks again for all your help. Whenever I see my podiatrist next I will give him your card and talk you up a bit. Thanks again."

-Jerry Hunter

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