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Morton's Toe - Symptoms and Treatment

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Morton's Toe is defined as second toe is longer than your big toe. This condition may seem inconsequential but it can put extreme pressure at the back of the second toe on the the ball of the foot area. Metatarsalgia can develop from Morton's Toe as undue pressure can result in extreme pain. Additionally, foot calluses can form under the second metatarsal.

Morton's Toe is easy to diagnose. A quick scan can reveal the second toe protrudes past the big toe in length. Those who have this condition often develop calluses behind the second toe and on the ball of foot under the metatarsal head. To limit movement of the toes, the most popular shoe inserts are rigid steel and carbon fiber thin insoles that can be placed underneath existing shoe insole or arch supports. Check out these Morton's Toe Insoles.

In addition, some find a metatarsal insole which either offers additional metatarsal padding or a lift to assist in alleviating the pain associated with Morton's Toe.

Spenco Polysorb Total Support Insoles, newly re-designed Walker Runner Insoles, and the Icebug Fat Insoles are all high quality products that are designed especially for the prevention of Morton's Neuroma and to offer relief from Morton's Toe.

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